Directions to church during Sharp Ave construction

Directions to church during Sharp Ave construction

Going NORTH on RUBY take a right on Boone Ave (one block before Sharp) and go three block to St. Aloysius. Follow the signs. You will drive on a brick walkway for two of the blocks.


Going NORTH on HAMILTON take a left on Boone Ave for one block. Take a right for half a block and then turn left into the ALLEY. (half a block before Sharp) Follow the alley all way to St. Al’s.


Going SOUTH on DIVISION or SOUTH on HAMILTON turn on Mission Ave. and drive to Astor or Addison, (the north/south streets leading to St. Al’s and GU’s Administration parking lots.) These streets will enable you to drive across Sharp Ave during the construction.


We have permission from Gonzaga to park in the large parking lot off  Addison in front of the Administration Building so feel free to park there. 


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