St. Aloysius Church Parish Staff

Rev. Tom Lamanna, SJ
Rev. Jerry Graham, SJ
Associate Pastor
Don Weber
Parish Administrator

Contact Don

ph: 509-313-7004

Shannon Kestell
Bookkeeper, Receptionist

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ph: 509-313-7001

Michele Lassiter
Faith Formation

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ph: 509-313-7009

Geoffrey Griffin
Shareen Elloy
Sick and Homebound Ministry

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ph: 509-313-7007

Solveig Heidberg
Liturgical Ministry

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ph: 509-313-7020

Mary Kay Fairbanks
Secretary, Receptionist

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ph: 509-313-7000

Richard Moran
Maintenance Engineer

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ph: 509-313-7016

Andrea Timm
Music Director

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ph: 509-313-7008

Geoff Wallace
Young Adult Minister, Social Media, and IT

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ph: 509-313-7006

Rita Amberg Waldref
Social Ministry

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ph: 509-313-7003

Kathy Yates
Marriage Preparation and Weddings

ph: 509-313-7002