Mission Statement

Rooted in Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching and guided by the principles of the Earth Charter, we affirm our commitment to environmental stewardship and seek to:

  • Inspire a reverence for God’s creation and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life;
  • Educate ourselves and others to increase awareness of our impact on the environment;
  • Encourage practices of daily living that conserve natural resources and enhance the quality of our natural environment;
  • Advocate in our parish, community, nation and world for policies and practices that support environmental sustainability.

Goals for 2016-2017

  1. Sponsor Soup, Bread and DVD events. (Nov. 12 or 19 and Feb. 25)
  2. Sponsor the Caring for Creation Fair. (April 22/23)
  3. Schedule regular committee meetings.
  4. Continue Green Tips in the parish bulletin, including “green” events and factoids.
  5. Inspire environmental advocacy, using WA State Environmental Priorities, by providing information on issues and encouraging parishioners to voice their opinions to elected officials.
  6. Recruit new Caring for Creation members.
  7. Include 10-15 minute in-services (2-3 times yearly) at meetings.
St Aloysius Catholic Church - Spokane, WA